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Jaya Ramraj Upadhyay Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya is affiliated by Siddharth University, Kapilvastu, Siddharthnagar. The leadership of Jaya Ramraj Upadhyay College in Basti District makes it a college of excellence in higher education. The educational program is so directed that the students may be inspired to grow with a strong sense of social and national responsibility.

The college always maintains high academic standards. What is more important is the space, it has provided to the students to freely express and develop views that help them respond to changes in society. Colleges enables students to participate in the academic and cultural events that take place around it.

The College has facilities for all indoor & out-door games. College awards each year a number of prizes to students for high achievement in academic & extra-curricular activities. Scholarships and other financial aid are given to deserving students on the basis of need-cum-merit.

Our College’s students, teacher, and staff come together in a true community of scholars to advance knowledge, address societal challenges and pursue intellectual and personal fulfilment. Outstanding faculty and Great facilities, they’re all the result of our College uncommon commitment to teaching and learning.